Partnering To Make A Difference


The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) and Rebecca’s Dream (RD), two Illinois nonprofits have partnered to ask everyone to TAKE A STAND, NOW to:

  • End the gap between physical and mental illness services
  • Erase the stigma and to bring equality to mental health awareness
  • Accept that mental illness is a real disease
  • End the pain and solitude that is caused by depression
  • Eradicate suicide and educate people about issues surrounding suicide
  • End the hiding by helping people understand mental illness
  • End the shame through education about mental illness

We, in society MUST DEAL with this. Stop hiding the reality…Mental Health Equality, NOW!

We partner to bridge the gap!


Rebecca's Dream


Rebecca's Dream

RD was established in 2005 in celebration of the life of Rebecca Lynn Cutler, a journalist who succumbed to depression and bipolar disorder at age 30. Rebecca’s family and friends continue her personal mission to help others receive proper treatment and needed support. More than 14 million people live with depression in the United States. However, due to misdiagnosis or individuals’ not seeking care, many experts believe the number is closer to 35 million. And another six million adults live with bipolar disorder. We are a strong advocate against mental health stigma and provide educational programming, videos, podcasts and materials unique to those individuals living with depression and bipolar disease along with their families, friends, and colleagues. We aim to promote awareness while reducing the stigma of mental health issues. Living with depression and bipolar disorder can be tough, but with helpful guidance, positive changes are possible for individuals and their families.

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Mental Health Association At Greater Chicago



MHAGC is an independent, non-profit organization founded in 1957. At MHAGC, we focus on the mental health of children and adolescents to adults and veterans by uniquely covering identification, prevention and support of mental health issues. We are dedicated to ensuring that the youths, families and adults in our community have access to plans and education on brain health (from information on nutrition to mental health illness symptoms), the means to live fuller lives and understand when and how to improve their mental health. The overall aim of MHAGC is to make a positive difference on the emotional, social and mental health of individuals. We are excited to celebrate our 62 years of serving our schools, families and the public with a strong focus on ending suicides and supporting lifelong mental health! You are invited to Take a Stand with US!  

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