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Whether your goal is strategic philanthropy, brand recognition, industry impact, or increasing customers' interest and opinions of the company, sponsorship with the MHAGC and RD gives your business the platform to thrive. With MHAGC's and RD"s Take a Stand Green Hat Walk sponsorship you will be reaching a broad audience connecting with the community at large. Reach target audiences, increase awareness of your business while showing your employees and customers that you are a supporter of the health movement which includes Mental Health Equality. 

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Brand Visibility - Recognition - Leadership - Engagement 

The goal of this walk is not only to host a terrific event, but to raise funds for programs and services for our kids, families, educators, and our community. MHAGC and RD depends on support from members, friends, staff, and the public at large to create a world where we are free of suicide attempts and living with a high level of mental well-being.

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Prioritizing Mental Health Pays Off

Mental illness and substance abuse cost companies an estimated $225.8 billion each year with the largest indirect cost of mental illness coming in the form of decreased performance:

  • Absenteeism (missing work - 20% of cost)
  • Presenteeism (working while sick - 80% of cost).
  • Studies have estimated $1,600 per employee average annual cost from presenteeism.
    • 500 employees at $1,600 per year equates to $800,000 annually
  • More workers are absent from work due to mental health issues than physical illness or injuries
  • Untreated mental health issues are costlier to employers by 2 to 4 times per employee

Think about how much can be saved with a preventative rather than reactive mode of mental health treatment. The increased efficiency and reduction of absenteeism and presenteeism will boost profits and change corporate culture.

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